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Hair Extensions


Visiting hair extensions salon is essential to transform your look and feel, but you must make way for a reliable source. At The Salon M, we ensure you’ll get the service as needed as our professionals prioritize the client’s requirements before starting the procedure. FYI, we have licensed haircut and hair stylist professionals and experts with immense expertise in hair extension services and multi-dimensional hair color.


Here, we offer different hair extension blending options that match your requirement and make you experience the best look & feel beyond your expectations. Nothing to worry about as we will tailor the hair extension per your specific needs and guarantee the brand and amount of hair to be used during extension as per your initial consultation.

The time you enter The Salon M, we ensure no compromise in your comfort and relaxation as these remain our top priority for taking care of our clients in the best possible manner. You will surely get the best hospitality in terms of friendly and attentive service during the timeline of your appointment. We ensure you get one-on-one personalized attention until you’re at our salon for hair extensions, hair cut, or cosmetic tattoo applications.

We have different hair extension brands and specialize in providing essential services to make you reflect an adorable look more than you expect. Find the right brand for yourself, and we will make you feel relaxed during the hair extension procedure.

Why Choose The Salon M for Hair Extension


At The Salon M, we ensure you experience the new hairstyle that will enhance your appearance considerably. We do not keep any low-standard hair extension having inferior quality hair as everything we provide to the client is authentic and durable in several aspects. We check quality tested reports of hair extensions undergoing stringent tests to ensure they have no history of chemical procedure and damage.

Here are several benefits of availing services for hair extensions at The Salon M in Frisco, TX:


  • Our high-quality extensions will indeed get bonded with your hair to perfection

  • The fusion wand bonds extension hair strand with your own which is solid and durable

  • We use the particular device to make sure attachments are not noticeable

  • Comprehensive assurance about long lastingness of hair extensions if maintained properly

  • Our experts choose the hair extension of the color that matches your natural hair and adheres to your preferences.



At The Salon M, we ensure our hair extensions will change your overall appearance as you can wear extensions anytime and give a stunning look at parties or get together. Though females have issues with irregular hair and visit our salon for haircuts and apply the cosmetic tattoo to gain mass attention, nothing best than natural hair extensions will provide you with a dream hairstyle.



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