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So, what are the different types of hair extensions?


Long, luscious locks are widely featured in hair commercials, magazine advertisements and salons’ Instagram pages, making us dream of having Rapunzel-like locks. Thankfully, different types of hair extensions now allow reaching our “long hair goals” and increase hair fullness without spending months to grow it. If you think you could give it a try, let us introduce you to all hair extension options, help you choose the kind of hair extensions that might work best for you, and give important maintenance tips so that you do not damage your hair while wearing the extensions.

All the hair we use is Remy hair. Remy hair is more expensive and looks more natural due to the tedious process that the hair goes through to not damage the cuticle. Usually virgin hair or hair that has been minimally processed to protect the integrity of the hair has cuticle in tact. 

REMY hair is a smoother, shinier, and healthier appearance than NON-REMY. This hair feels amazing even after months of washing and styling. Most of our clients can get a year or two of wear with REMY hair still looking great. The investment is great but well worth it.



Treat the extensions just like your real hair. The only difference is if you comb your fingers through your scalp you will obviously feel the bonded area but they shouldn’t be painful or heavy.

 Oily, creamy products are not your friend and neither are conditioners as these products can cause roots to become excessively slippery and accelerate bond loss. Avoid using products near your scalp, it should only be applied to the mid shaft and ends.

 Always brush your ends first and work your way up from there to eliminate tugging and further breakage when detangling. I recommend using a fine bristle brush that detangles your hair without tugging at it. And as is the case for natural hair, submerging your extensions in chlorine and salt water (i.e. the pool and the ocean) should be avoided. 

Bonds can’t be brushed roughly or be touched by any heat tools. Blow drying your hair with extensions is fine but avoid straightening or curling near the tips of the bond.

Washing your hair too often can cause the bonds to slip out of your hair, so keep your washes to two per week. Avoid all shampoo with sulfates.

Never go to bed with a wet head! It can cause horrible matting to the hair which can can begin to look like dreadlocks.

Its super important to follow all the care instructions ti insure the longevity of your new hair.

Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions

Quick, easy and comfortable! If you have a client looking to add more volume and length to their everyday style, tape extensions lay super flat against the head and create a cascading veil effect  —making them ideal for consistent down styling.


  • Nearly invisible at the root

  • Fast installation and removal

  • Suitable for thin and fine hair

  • Reusable  3 to 5 times (usually  move up during coloring appointments)

  • Removal & reapplication time of one to two hours.

  • Wear time is six to eight weeks.

bonds extensions

Keratin Extension 

Keratin or Fusion hair extensions are installed with a quick heated bond and a twirl of the fingers. This extension option is a versatile way for clients with fine or thinning hair to create any style, up or down, without indication of added hair.


  • Suitable for any hair type

  • Increases look and feel of density in thinning hair 

  • Low maintenance and upkeep

  • Manageable for any styling

  • Swimming should be done sparingly, if at all. The chlorine and salt in the water can loosen up your keratin bonds and cause extensions to slide out. 

  • Needs to be moved up 2 to 3 months


Pro Tip: Keratin extensions are the perfect option for clients who have uneven hair density and want to fill out sparse areas!

weft hair extension


A hair weft is a collection of hair strands which have been woven on to a fine strip of cloth to create a "weft". Wefts will differ in width dependent on their length.

Wefts are an awesome way to add length to medium to thick hair and the perfect extension to mix with other install methods for custom texture!


  • Ideal for clients with medium or thick hair

  • Lay flat and comfortably against the head 

  • No glue or heat is required for installation

  • Long-lasting and reusable

  • Perfect to move up during your coloring appointments or every 6 to 8 weeks

i tip hair extensions

I-Tip/Micro Links Extension 

A low maintenance option that does not require any heat or glue for installation or maintenance. I-Tips are tiny, long-lasting extensions held onto the hair strand with a bead and easily customizable.  


  • No glue or heat required 

  • Virtually invisible and comfortable 

  • Create highlighted looks without lightener 

  • Easily reusable

  • The extension is pinched shut into the attachment that should be tightened every 3-4 weeks to keep up with your hair growth and the natural appearance you wish to have.

Pro Tip: Mixing colors of I-Tips is perfect for clients who don’t want to color their hair but are looking for a dimensional style!

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